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     Hello and welcome to my little part of cyberspace.  This is all about rockets.  Both model rockets and the real big stuff.  If it flys into space, it's here!!! 
    Like a lot of websites,  this my website is always undergoing changes. I will update, change and add more stuff as time permits.
I have been into model rockets for just about 2 years. I am a member of the National Association of Rocketry or NAR and a member and the treasurer for our local club, Rocketry Organization of South Carolina at Orangeburg or ROSCO section #648.  In September of 2003, I got my Level 2 certification.  (This means I am certified to spend more money) When I am not building rockets, I am at "The Rocket Forum" It is a great place for rocketery.  If you are into rockets, or want to learn more about rockets this should be one of the first places you go. 
So, let's get started....... Oh, bye the way, I have started another website.  This one is for another interest I have..... Robots.   This website is Really "under construction" but check it out Here:  https://rocketmanic66.tripod.com/robots/


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March 28, 2004  7:30am EDT
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